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Why Is Wealth Concentrating at the Top?

An important Facebook question that was posed to me was: Steven Brooks What is it about extreme wealth that causes the rest of us to fall behind? Is it that money is a finite resource and so earning profit is … Continue reading

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Sanders Is Not a Left-Wing Radical Socialist But a Social Democrat

The popular portrayal of Bernie Sanders, independent US Senator from Vermont, is that he is a left-wing radical socialist, who represents political positions that are way to the left of the American people. He wants to have government ownership of … Continue reading

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Responding to Right-to-Work Video Critique

I am responding to a Facebook critique of my video on Libertarians and Right-to-Work laws. Steve Bachovin Assumptions and opinions don’t always hold up in the real world my friend. Most of the arguments against right-to-work have little basis in … Continue reading

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Libertarianism and Right-to Work Laws

Today, my talk (Youtube video) will be about libertarians and their views on right-to-work laws, which prohibit unions from requiring all workers within a given company to join the union. First we should begin with the types of libertarians that exist. This … Continue reading

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