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Why Francois Hollande’s Conservative Policies Should Concern Us

Francois Hollande has ruled France since 2012, and had initially promised to halt the move toward austerity, which had destroyed many jobs and reduced the economic well-being of many people in Europe, especially in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. He … Continue reading

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Hakka Chinese Political Leadership in East and Southeast Asia, and South America

Abstract: The Hakka Chinese have been known to have attained important political offices in East and Southeast Asia and in South America. This paper contributes to the discussion of Hakka political leaders by analyzing the conditions of Hakka people in … Continue reading

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Does Amy Gutmann Deserve $2.8 Million?

The student newspaper, Daily Pennsylvanian, reports that the president of the University of Pennsylvania, Amy Gutmann, had increased her 2013 salary to $2.82 million from about $2 million the year before, and about $767,000 from her first year in office … Continue reading

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