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The Dialectics of Slavery, On Fitzhugh and Calhoun

Here is my response to a Facebook conversation with Paul Fox on the dialectics of slavery, i.e. the apparent difference between slave-labor and wage-labor. There were two eminent Southern thinkers in US history, who were attempting everything to protect the … Continue reading

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The Fetish of Housing

The housing market collapsed a few years ago, lending for new housing is tightened up and the home values are plummeting. Yet, America is the country with the highest homeowner rates in the world, i.e. 67% of the population.1 Housing … Continue reading

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Three Types of Conservatives

There are really three types of conservatives out there, and knowing that they are different is important to understand. The material issues are fairly clear. The wealthiest people in this country are making more money than ever before, and are … Continue reading

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