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Global Capitalism

There are those who relentlessly believe that globalized capitalism will be our way into the future, and that life has become tremendously better through capitalism, and that if we unleash global capital we will all benefit from this. There is … Continue reading

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Quote on The Value of Marx And Sanders’ Question

Today, I was wrestling with Bernie Sanders’ question, and that is why American people despite all the gains made in productivity, free trade and globalization have to work longer hours for fewer pay? Karl Marx gave the answer 150 years … Continue reading

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Revisionist Views on Adam Smith by Noam Chomsky

I was always curious about the importance of Adam Smith, and how they were used by right-wingers and corporate apologists to be “worshipped, but not read” to put it on Chomsky’s line. The intellectual short-sightedness, the unwillingness or inability to … Continue reading

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Why Is It Wrong To Have The Military As A Safety Net?

Every year on the fourth of July, Americans are celebrating Independence Day. On every last Monday of May, Americans commemorate Memorial Day to remember all the US war deaths that have occurred from the American Revolution in the 1770s until … Continue reading

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On The Real Causes Of The Recession And Debt Cycle

The Wall Street bankers say their greatest concern is inflation (small surprise since they own the majority of wealth in this country). But the real problem is a lack of demand, a collapsing middle class, a rise in low-income jobs. … Continue reading

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