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Annotations and Criticisms of Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right”, Paragraphs 241-245, On Poverty

I made a bunch of quotes from Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right”. They include paragraphs 241-245 on pp. 187-189 retrieved from I also added some annotations and cross-references to Marx upon making these quotes. Hegel offered interesting insights into some … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling, Political and Economic Crisis

I have been following very intently the political process here in America, and I am honestly very dismayed about what kind of political game is being pulled off. Congress now passed a debt ceiling raise, which has been a fabricated … Continue reading

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The Dialectics of Slavery, On Fitzhugh and Calhoun

Here is my response to a Facebook conversation with Paul Fox on the dialectics of slavery, i.e. the apparent difference between slave-labor and wage-labor. There were two eminent Southern thinkers in US history, who were attempting everything to protect the … Continue reading

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Quote on The Value of Marx And Sanders’ Question

Today, I was wrestling with Bernie Sanders’ question, and that is why American people despite all the gains made in productivity, free trade and globalization have to work longer hours for fewer pay? Karl Marx gave the answer 150 years … Continue reading

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Fictitious Debate on Nuclear Energy and Democracy

Is there a strong democratic culture in America, when there’s no genuine debate about the harmful impacts of nuclear energy, when the President announces the build-up of new nuclear power plants, whereas Europe wants to shut them off? Would it … Continue reading

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