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Review on the Permanent Contradiction of Neoliberalism

Here is a review on Zombie Economics by John Quiggin and The Crisis of Neoliberalism by Gerard Dumenil and Dominique Levy. The review was published by Joshua Clover. Zombie Economics contrasts the current neoliberal, Reaganite, Thatcherist market liberalism guided by … Continue reading

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Pierre Bourdieu on the Left Hand and the Right Hand of the Government

The late French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is making the case for distinguishing between the left hand and the right hand of the state. He delineates the continuous retreat of the French and European governments from the welfare state and the … Continue reading

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Fictitious Debate on Nuclear Energy and Democracy

Is there a strong democratic culture in America, when there’s no genuine debate about the harmful impacts of nuclear energy, when the President announces the build-up of new nuclear power plants, whereas Europe wants to shut them off? Would it … Continue reading

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Why The Democrats Are Losing Out And Why A Goverment Shutdown Would Have Been Necessary

A government shutdown was averted and the federal government will be funded until the end of the FY 2011. The costs have been $39 billion in cuts to non-defense discretionary spending 1, which essentially means that there will be less … Continue reading

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Definition of an Activist

I have come up with the definition of activism, as I was writing to a friend via e-mail. It puts individual political views in perspective with the attitude with which the activist approaches political issues to spin off political views. … Continue reading

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