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US Foreign Policy Is Geared Toward National Interest, Not Democracy Promotion

With the uprising in Egypt following the fall of president Mohamed Morsi, who had been ousted by the Egyptian military, the United States foreign spokespeople fall back on the claim that they hope that the country could allow democracy to … Continue reading

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How the 1% Became So Wealthy and Why We Should Care About Growing Inequality

One important statement by the Occupy Wall Street movement has been the condemnation of the 1%. They depicted a struggle between the 99%, the vast majority of the lower, middle and working class, against the richest 1%, consisting of bankers, … Continue reading

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Privatization Debate

This is a Facebook debate I carried out with a friend with regard to consequences of privatization on society. L. Larry Liu: Examples why privatization is bad. Rather than raise cost efficiencies or competition, it leads to consolidation and enrichment in … Continue reading

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