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Does Sanders Still Stand a Chance?

The last elections in New York, Pennsylvania and a few other states were a rout for Bernie Sanders in his run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Clinton currently has a delegate lead of 327. Of course, there were substantial irregularities … Continue reading

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Austrian Presidential Elections and the Decline of Mainstream Parties

If there is one thing that the presidential elections in Austria show is that the mainstream political parties no longer enjoy the legitimacy to retain power in the 21st century. Norbert Hofer from the FPO, and Alexander van der Bellen … Continue reading

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Protest Against French Labor Law Reform Is Justified

400,000 French people, mostly students and civil servants, went out on the streets to protest against the labor code reform proposed by the French government (NY Times 2016). The Khomri law (named after the labor minister) would make it easier … Continue reading

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Dutch No Vote on EU-Ukraine Association Agreement Reflects Anti-EU Sentiment

In a referendum, the Dutch people have voted against the EU-Ukraine Association agreement. The goal of this agreement was to get the Ukraine to accept judicial, financial and political reforms that make the country more conform to EU standards. For … Continue reading

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