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Review of Rodriguez-Franco: Internal Wars, Taxation and State Building

Rodríguez-Franco, Diana. “Internal Wars, Taxation, and State Building.” American Sociological Review (2016), Vol.81 (1): 190-213. I found a fantastic case study of internal wars resulting in state-building in Colombia. The author claims that a patriotic desire and fear for their … Continue reading

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The Executive Reign of Terror

Critics of the imperial presidency are having their heyday. They would warn against the rule-making by fiat of a single powerful president. To some extent, the great presidential power might have been made necessary by the ineptitude of US Congress … Continue reading

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The Politics of Populism: Technology and Inequality

The politics of populism is what marks the contemporary political period. In every single election, where the working class is given the opportunity to punish the establishment with a vote that goes against the ruling view, it happens. Brexit, Trump, … Continue reading

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