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Why Bernie Sanders’ Family Values Agenda Is to the Right of European Conservatives

Not too long ago I wrote a post, describing Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, and Democratic presidential candidate, as a moderate center-left, social democratic politician compared with European standards. Today, I have to correct my view, and say that while this … Continue reading

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Even Forbes Admits that the Oligarchic-Finance Capitalism Is a Serious Social Problem

Steve Denning from the billionaire mouthpiece, Forbes magazine, has written a fairly insightful article titled “The Surprising Truth About Where Jobs Come From“. The direct answer to the question is that young and relatively recent businesses tend to create many … Continue reading

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Why the US Carries a Part of the Blame for the Creation of ISIS

The people in the US are expected to have a very short memory. We are not supposed to remember that the US and their Western allies have started the Iraq War, which destabilized the country and created the conditions favorable … Continue reading

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