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Are Western Countries Facing an Imminent Labor Shortage?

Here is my critique of Rainer Strack’s Ted Talk, titled “The workforce crisis of 2030 — and how to start solving it now” Strack argues that due to an aging population, countries like Germany will face a huge labor shortage, … Continue reading

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Book Review of Wolfgang Streeck “Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism” (London: Verso, 2014)

For the book, see link It does not happen very often that I write a book review, but Wolfgang Streeck’s book that describes the capitalist crisis from a European perspective is so amazing and so thorough in its analytic approach … Continue reading

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Education Credential Inflation

As economic opportunities for many young people are becoming ever more restricted in many developed countries, and job competition for the ever fewer nice jobs becoming fiercer, what should the young generation do? The answer usually is to go to … Continue reading

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Why Do We Have So Much Inequality and Why Are Workers Screwed Today?

While being bored at work, I drew a scheme of the way how the capitalist economy worked, and even though I had developed a clear sense of the kinds of problems that plague us, I was once again reminded very … Continue reading

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A Debate on Philosopher Kings and Philosopher Presidents

Here is a Facebook debate on the merits and de-merits of a philosopher president, which quickly devolved into a discourse on worker rights. Here is the original article by Robert Skidelsky, who argued that there should be a philosopher president. … Continue reading

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