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Is Adam Smith a left-wing radical and class warrior?

I will provide a quote by Adam Smith from his book “Wealth of Nations”, Book 1, Chapter 8, “Of Wages and Labour” “[11] What are the common wages of labour, depends everywhere upon the contract usually made between those two … Continue reading

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Annotations and Criticisms of Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right”, Paragraphs 241-245, On Poverty

I made a bunch of quotes from Hegel’s “Philosophy of Right”. They include paragraphs 241-245 on pp. 187-189 retrieved from I also added some annotations and cross-references to Marx upon making these quotes. Hegel offered interesting insights into some … Continue reading

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Remarks on Ian Fletcher’s “Why Is the American Left So Ineffective in Economics?”

Some reflections on the internal organizational weaknesses of the left are offered by Ian Fletcher to which I want to offer some critical remarks. “The first reason is the gentrification of the left. If you compare who runs the … Continue reading

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