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The European Refugee Crisis Reveals the Blunders of US Imperialist Foreign Policy and Other Crises

When the United States and other allies defeated Nazi Germany, there was grave uncertainty hanging over Europe. After years of war devastation, Europe was divided in two parts. The western half was capitalist, while the eastern half was communist. The … Continue reading

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Should We Support a Universal Basic Income?

If there is a policy that would violate the political sensibilities of the status quo, it is the proposal for a universal basic income (henceforth UBI), which is a guaranteed amount of income paid to every citizen of a country … Continue reading

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Why It Can be Frustrating to be on the Left

A group of black women stormed the stage, where Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential contender, was supposed to give a speech defending Medicare and Social Security against cutbacks. They grabbed the microphone, and claimed to represent the Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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Is Money Equivalent to Free Speech?

I am representing a Facebook debate on the Citizens United Supreme Court case (2010) which ruled that money is equivalent to freedom of speech, allowing any person or entity to donate as much money as they want toward political campaigns. … Continue reading

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Why We Should Avoid a War with Iran

The Republicans have just finished their first debate, and all of the presidential candidates are trying to beat each other with respect to who is most convincing in tearing apart president Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Scott Walker, Wisconsin governor, … Continue reading

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Response to Critics of Socialism

In the following blog post, I respond directly to a comment, which was written in response to my post on democratic socialism: I would think the main reason self-proclaimed liberals don’t go as far as they dream, is because they … Continue reading

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