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Disputing the Scarcity Principle

One of the basic tenets of economics is that there is a principle of scarcity, which gives rise to economic theorizing and observations about economic life. The evidence of it can be taken from two simple examples: the air and … Continue reading

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What is the Importance of Freedom?

My libertarian friends have a very strong attachment to the notion of freedom. So do I. Yet we always disagree on the policies, because we have different value attachments as far as freedom is concerned. What is freedom? What the … Continue reading

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The Irreversible Trend of Growing Inequality?

For those on the political left, there are plenty of reasons to complain about current social trends. Principally, there are certain structural and institutional forces which are in place, which increase the level of income and wealth inequality within countries. … Continue reading

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Fighting Another Cold War in Syria Makes No Sense

The New York Times reports the increase of Russian airplane attacks on Syrian territory to bolster the position of their ally, President Bashar al-Assad, while the US continue their bombing campaign to defeat ISIS and their support for the Free … Continue reading

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