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The Viability of the European Social Model: The German Welfare State and Labor Market Reform

In the wake of the financial and economic crisis, the European economies decreased in size, unemployment increased, investments contracted, and the austerity measures reduced social spending. What at first looked like a relatively small economic problem became a severe economic … Continue reading

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What’s the Matter with Japan? The Japanese Economy from a Historical Perspective

After his resounding electoral success, the incoming prime minister Shinzo Abe vowed to revive the Japanese economy after almost two decades of economic stagnation and deflation by increasing government spending and instructing the Bank of Japan (Central Bank) to increase … Continue reading

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Social Democracy vs. Democratic Socialism

Social Democracy vs. Democratic Socialism In this post, I want to explain why I have shifted my allegiance from social democracy to democratic socialism. Before that I will define these two ideas in order to be able to distinguish these … Continue reading

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Zambia and the IMF

Liam L. Liu Economic Anthropology Prof. Chattaraj 10/29/2012 The Zambian Economy and the IMF One of the most concerning trends in developmental economics is the study of the performance of the economies of developing countries. Many developing countries such as … Continue reading

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