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Trump vs. Sanders: A Duel That the Establishment Denied

In a conversation with one of my former professors this past summer (in the middle of July), I had predicted that the general election would be match-up between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. I think I am still right. These … Continue reading

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Buchrezension “Auf der Überholspur”, Herbert Cordt (Hrsg.)

“Auf der Überholspur”, herausgegeben von Herbert Cordt. Wien: Molden Verlag, 2015. Im folgenden ist eine Rezension des Buches “Auf der Überholspur”, welches die österreichische Wirtschaftsgeschichte mit Gesprächen mit namhaften Industrietitanen, Bankiers und Spitzenpolitikern beleuchtet. Das Buch ist im Handel erhältlich, … Continue reading

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Aristotelian Friendship and the Importance of Making Clear Choices

Aristotle has been one of the most inspiring philosophers in western thinking. Part of what made his writing and thinking so attractive is that his ideas spanned across a vast range of fields, and captured the daily ethical challenges that … Continue reading

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Relationships and Its Discontents: Personal Encounters of a Sociologist

In this post, I reflect on my rather poor love life. I could go back to my old sociological self, and blame the neoliberal and postmodern reality of present society, which makes it increasingly difficult for people to start relationships … Continue reading

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Defending against Libertarian Critics

Below, I defend my argument against a good libertarian friend of mine, whose post is accessible here. No business owner forces anyone to work for him or purchase his product.  The state, on the other hand, can only exist through … Continue reading

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