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The Charismatic Musician: Nile Rodgers

I had previously pointed out that Elton John, whose career spanned several decades was a talented musician, who had derived much of his emotional energy from live performances (Liu 2018). For social theorists, the greatest satisfaction comes from a theoretical … Continue reading

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Hungarian Elections and Viktor Orban

This Sunday Hungarians were asked to vote in the parliamentary elections, which the national-conservative Fidesz party won with a larger majority, thus retaining their two-thirds constitutional majority. The ruling prime minister, Viktor Orban, had done so much to consolidate his … Continue reading

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Low Productivity Service Jobs in an Automated Economy

In a raging debate on whether machines and robots will wipe out all jobs, the judge is still out. The economic forecasters strongly believe in the possibility of displacing anywhere between 10 to about 50% of all jobs given the … Continue reading

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