Why Freeloading is No Problem

There is a great concern about freeloading in society. But I really see no problem in it, and the ratio of productive workers to everyone else gets smaller and smaller. Only 47% of Americans are in the labor force and if you count out the unemployed it is only 44% [the math is computed from https://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat08.htm; if you want to recalculate use this formula for the 44% figure: (128,572+27,189-3,814-1,553-5,052-1,262)/327200; the 47% figure does not have the three subtractions]. Of the 56% not-working, we have children, seniors, the unemployed, the housewives, the prisoners, disabled etc. Among the 44% with jobs, 40% think they are doing bullshit jobs [at least in a UK survey, though I suspect US figures are similar], i.e. only activities to keep them working like filling out paperwork that no one checks. That reduces the productive workers to 26%, but let us assume that some of these self-described bullshit workers are being too modest with themselves and are doing productive jobs, and we are still at 30% of the population that are productive workers, i.e. the teachers, nurses, doctors, engineers, programmers, firefighters, police officers, janitors, bartenders, bus drivers, trash collectors, construction workers, farmers, manufacturing assembly line workers etc. If automation continues, I expect the productive workforce/ population to continue to diminish.

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