My political views

Sunday, March 1, 2009 at 11:59pm | Edit Note | Delete
Following is a list of all relevant political issues that require a stance. I am open to any suggestions by anyone. The content is very broad and requires further specification. If I think this is necessary, this will be done. There are many more topics that I did not address. They are consciously not mentioned because I have no stance on them for several reasons.

Welfare state-Yes
Minimum Wage-Yes
Universal Health Care-Yes
Extended Labor Rights-Yes
Equal Pay (for equal work)-Yes
Public School System-Yes
Energy independence-Yes
Environment friendliness-Yes
USA Patriot Act-No
Privatization of Social Security-No
Affirmative Action-Yes
Free Trade-Yes
Disability Rights-Yes
Civil Rights-Yes
Stem Cell Research-Yes
Fiscal Responsiblity-Yes
Gay marriage-Yes
Gun restrictions-Yes
Death Penalty-No
Separation of church and state-Yes
Marijuana decriminalization-No
Diplomacy above War-Yes
Missile Defense System in Europe-No
War in Iraq-No
War in Afghanistan-Yes
Nuclear Proliferation-No
Foreign Aid-Yes
Action regarding the Darfur Genocide-Yes
Peace in the Middle East-Yes

Political positions on historic events
Abolition of Slavery-Yes
New Deal-Yes
Japanese Internment during WWII-No
Chinese Exclusion Act-No
War in Vietnam-No
Civil Rights Act of 1964-Yes
Impeachment of President Richard Nixon-Yes
Impeachment of President Bill Clinton-No

To be continued

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